Thank you for your interest in starting a Food Readers book club chapter! Below is an abbreviated roadmap designed to guide you through our book club chapter building experience. Our hope is that each group will be fully self-supporting and take on its own individual character and feel. There are no membership dues or fees, just a gathering of likeminded folks who happen to be interested in food and book clubs! Every potential organizer will be provided with an organizer document that will offer suggestions in an effort to help guide you through the book club chapter building process.  


Let's Get Started 

1. Send an introduction email


Let's chat! Introduce yourself and let us know you are interested in setting up a Food Readers book club chapter in your area!

Click here to send us a message!

2. Any Questions?

Talk about the basics of book club building, for example: 



Discussion facilitation

3. Other Areas to Explore

Outreach / promotion of your book club.

Finding the right location for your book club. 

Preparing for your first book club meeting!

Book and discussion topic suggestions.

All organizers will receive the Chapter Organizer Document with some additional tips and suggestions. 

We look forward to working alongside you during your book club chapter building journey!