Our book club locations!

Our Book Club Locations

Feel free to send an email to any of the organizers if you are interested in joining the chapter.


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Tucson - AZ

Tucson Food Readers Book Club

Organizer's Name - Ryan

Organizer's Email - FoodReadersTucson@gmail.com

Facebook Page - https://www.facebook.com/FoodReadersTucson/

Website - TucsonReaders.Food.blog


Chicago - IL

The GardenWorks Project Food Reader’s Club

Organizer's Name - Morgan 

Website - www.gardenworksproject.org/events (RSVP)

http://www.gardenworksproject.org/food_readers_pr (Press Release)

New York

Albany - NY

Albany Food Readers Book Club

Organizer's Name - Eric 

Organizer's Email - Eric@foodreaders.com

Meetup - https://www.meetup.com/Albany-Food-Readers-Book-Club/feedback

Website - https://albanyfoodreaders.wordpress.com/