Help   The Food Readers  Organization Grow!

The Food Readers Organization, as well as all of our book clubs, exist solely on member donations. While our expenses aren't too big, every dollar counts as we continue to expand the connection between food lovers and community engagement. 


The Food Readers Organization fixed costs:

  • $14 per month for Wix website hosting + domain ($168 yearly)


The Food Readers Book Club fixed costs:

  • $14.99 per month for Meetup website subscription ($179.88 yearly)

    • This cost occurs only if the organizer uses Meetup.

  • Meeting space costs (if any)
    • These costs are paid for by book club organizers and offset by member contributions.



All donations above our yearly fixed cost totals will be distributed out to organizers who need help offsetting their expenses. 


Please click the "Donate" button to begin the donation process today!