Our Mission

Our mission is to work alongside our organizers to develop and promote Food Readers book club chapters across the nation and world. To us, reading, group discussion, and grassroots community building are the ingredients needed to counterbalance the misconceptions in our food system.


We believe that book clubs provide a powerful opportunity to promote food system education, and can help empower participants with a new found awareness and appreciation for our food system.


It is our hope that every book club chapter will be fully self-supporting and take on its own individual character and feel. There are no Food Readers membership dues or fees, just a gathering of like-minded folks who happen to be interested in food and book clubs!


How it Started

The Food Readers Organization started as an idea in 2016 during the development of the Albany Food Readers Book Club in Albany, New York. Impressed with the book club's success in Albany, the idea to help others to create similar experiences, through the development of a grassroots, no-profit, community-driven central hub, began in April 2018. 

What We Do

In a nutshell, we help organizers build out Food Reader book club chapters across the state of New York, the nation, and beyond!  

We believe that food system book clubs and community building are the ingredients needed to produce awareness and knowledge which act as the counterbalance to the misconceptions found in our food system. 

To promote this philosophy, The Food Readers Organization follows 3 main guiding principles:

1. Gather 

Encourage interaction and community growth!

Attempt to cultivate meaningful discussions centering around our food system while incorporating and honoring people’s unique cultures, world-views, and opinions.

2. Educate 

Knowledge is power!

So, we read and gather together to gain more information as we navigate our complex relationship to food and aspire to make changes for the good of ourselves, others, and the planet. 

3. Partner 

Growth is good!

Our interest lies in making connections. Our goal is to have meaningful conversations in a way that is supported by the larger organizations that we are a part of. 

What Do We Read About?

Our food system is extraordinarily large. This is great news for us since that translates into many different areas for us to explore:

Suggested book club chapter reading topics include, but are not limited to:

Farming, agriculture, nature, ecology, food history, food biography, food memoirs, food systems, food science, foodie culture, food justice, food security, food policy and issues, food-related movements etc.


Sound Good?

If so, great! We are just getting started.

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